an explanation

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This one requires less of an explanation, since it’s more self explanatory. To my core, I am thoughtful. For better or worse, my thoughtfulness helps define me.

To be “thought-full” quite literally means to be full of thoughts. Taken at face value, this phrase is neutral, giving no hint as to whether these are good or bad thoughts. It’s more just an observation of an event; an event full of thoughts. In good times and bad, I am bound by my infinite habit of thinking: what happened, what could’ve been, how it should be, what happened in the past to lead up to it. The list of thought is endless.

However, this phrase “thoughtful by design” serves two purposes. First, “by design” recognizes and acknowledges that to my core, I am full of thoughts, thinking and hypotheticals. Rather than avoid or escape it, this phrase states it as a matter of fact. Nothing more, nothing less.

Second, which moves beyond acceptance, is the glorification of thoughtfulness and other traits of being a “thinker.” Despite its downsides, I would not trade my perfectionism, anxiety or overthinking for anything. Not only does it define me outwardly, but internally, I know I would feel lost without it.

It is something to appreciate, in good times and in bad. And who knows, maybe the phrase will be the name of a label, collective, clothing line or all three someday. I know there are others out there like me, I’ve just got to find them.