i wonder what you've been doing and gettin into
i wonder if i'm assuming too much i guess you
will be in a different city when i hit you
it's a ride you been takin ever since issues
never mind it began before back in high school
when it was all hated voices
and pen and pencils
when you were one in five
only to see yourself move
with complimentary faces but nothin truthful
nobody really believin that it was special
not even when you could
listen to what your heart knew
not even when lookin in mirrors it was awful
like you would see tearin
wishin that it would call you
but if i'm sayin this look at me
cuz i made a name
all your stress and worry you needed
didn't end up in waste
cryin to cudi and
gettin the tickets wasn't a shame
you didn't need a religion
did it with inner faith
did it with inner faith
runnin runnin runnin you rushin
finally got a taste
i was onto somethin
when sayin that you
would get away
worry all you want
but i promise you it'll be okay
listen when they're yellin to chill
and be patient for the day
know that it was comin
when writin this you would call it hey
look i know it's scarin you stupid
but know it's worth the wait
you should take a second to listen
to what you made

so much for so long
i'll find you one day
and so much for i'm wrong
they said i'm okay
so much for so long
i know i wait
and so much for i'm wrong
i'll be okay

so much for so long
so much for i'm wrong
so much for so long